Reach the prospects that matter most

Target the right prospects

Search for the best prospects using free, powerful geographic and demographic filters such as age, income, and drive-time from your business

Create your offer

Choose the perfect design, print, and marketing options to build great-looking marketing campaigns for your needs

Launch campaign

Our online mail delivery scheduling system puts you in control while eliminating all paperwork and hassles from the process

EDDM® and digital ads — all from one place

One campaign. Multiple impressions.

Get an average 30% uplift in conversions by running direct mail, email, and display ads to the same prospects, at the same time.

We handle all of the design, coding, production, coordination, and distribution for you.

Only at Pitney Bowes Direct Marketing

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Powerful marketing that gets results


Drive sales of products or services by phone or ecommerce

Announce clearance sales, celebrations, or Holiday promotions

Invite prospects to grand openings or special events

Include in exclusive deals -- let people know you appreciate them

Publicize your affiliation with community events or charity work

Stand out and highlight your unique company and mission

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